A. Einstein Movie: A Touch of Genius

Most of us know that Albert Einstein was a German-born Jewish theoretical physicist of profound genius, widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century. But what do we really know about the man, the human being behind the myth? Or how his beloved physics has radically altered our understanding of the universe? Those are a few of the questions that the movie A. Einstein answers. And come on, admit it, wouldn't you really rather see a first rate Einstein movie instead of another movie about an old comic book superhero wearing tights?!?!

A. Einstein Movie: A Touch of Genius

The movie A. Einstein is a drama about the remarkable life of Albert Einstein. The young Einstein struggled early in his life - a Jew at Catholic school, a pacifist in Germany, and as a genius who failed his college entrance exam. Alone and unknown, struggling to feed his family while working as a clerk in the Swiss Patent Office, Einstein wrote the most important scientific papers in history, radically altering our understanding of the universe.

But Einstein desperately wanted one thing - to be left alone to work on his science. When he finally achieves that goal, the 'suddenly famous' Einstein is faced with a dilemma. Will he forsake his dream? Will he take the world stage and speak out for peace and justice in a world filled with war and conflict? At the same time, he discovers that is technically possible to build an atomic bomb. And it is a race to see who will make it first - Germany, the rejected country of his birth, or America - the country of his choice...

Albert Einstein Movie Scenes: links to .pdf files (~60kb)

Einstein himself was deeply concerned with the social impact of his discoveries. This movie illuminates his reverence for all creation, his belief in the grandeur, beauty, and sublimity of the universe that was his primary source of inspiration in science. And his awe and appreciation for the scheme that is manifested in the material universe - are all expressed and clearly evident throughout his work and philosophy. And hopefully our scenes from the movie express that same reverence and belief.

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A. Einstein

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Albert Einstein - Formal Portrait

"It has been become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity"

- A. Einstein