Einstein's Tears: A Touch of Genius

This fascinating Einstein book, Einstein's Tears, was written by a physicist and writer, Joseph Prindle. This Einstein book is dedicated to enthusing young people, and those who influence them, to learn about Einstein, science, and physics, while building public awareness about their benefical roles in society.

Einstein's Tears: A Touch of Genius

By Joseph C. Prindle

In this poignant collection of stories, influential objects from Einstein's life weave their way through the fabric of space and time, becoming catalysts that transform people's lives. And once touched by Einstein - means forever changed.


The name of Albert Einstein still evokes an exceptional fascination more than five decades after his death. In EINSTEIN?S TEARS, Mr. Prindle illuminates the world?s most famous scientist, revealing the captivating man through his contact with ordinary things. His watch teaches a rich man a short lesson about time travel, his violin transforms a bitter holocaust survivor, his compass guides a young woman to safety and his socks teaches a young boy what matters most. In the title story, struggling with the knowledge that his work will lead to the creation of an atomic bomb, Einstein sheds a tear, which makes its way through the years into the hands of a couple facing the most agonizing decision of their lives.

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Praise for Einstein's Tears

A delightful mix of fact and fantasy! Denis Brian Author, Einstein: A Life

Each story in this jubilantly acclaimed collection pays testament to the remarkable life of Albert Einstein. They will make you think, laugh, cry, and feel the touch of a genius. Written by a physicist with a life-long passion for Einstein, these stories bring him alive for the reader in a unique and inspirational way.

In this beautiful novel, EINSTEIN'S TEARS, with its relative yet keen insight into the human condition, Mr. Prindle shows us how Einstein?s touch has left concentric ripples on the arrow of time that continue to be deeply felt in our universe.

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